Patients' Testimonials

Our patients are the source of our commitment and dedication. As pregnancies progress and patients return, we find that both the doctor and patient look forward to meeting each other – a relationship bound by a shared motivation for a healthy pregnancy. We would like to thank each of the patients who have shared their views on their experience with our centre.

Dr. Aparajitha

Mrs. Josephine Monisha

Mrs. Arathi Gokul

Mrs. Devika Nair

Mrs. Ranjani

Mrs. Manasa Arun

Mrs. Pavitra Aroon

Mrs. Soma Roy

Mrs. Nethra Parthiban

Mrs. Aishwarya Raghavan

Mrs Radha

Mrs. Archana Anand

Mrs. Narmadha Arjun

Mrs. Vijayalakshmi

Mr. Murali