In this article we are going to read about what is the right position for sleeping for a pregnant mother. Specifically, there is no right position during the early phases of pregnancy, say during the second or third or even fourth month of pregnancy. The patient can lie down flat on either sides of her. There is no particular position in which they have to lie down. But as the pregnancy advances to make sure that the patient does not lie down flat for too long, that is, the patient does not lie down on her back for too long. It is preferable to lie down on either side that is we call lateral sides, either turn on one side preferably on the left side.

1) Sleeping on the side – If you find sleeping on your back difficult then change the sleeping position. This will take some strain off your back.
2) Lying on back in half sitting position – A good way to take rest during pregnancy is to place a pillow behind your back to give your body some support and prevent a backache.
3) Using pillows on the tummy and hips – Using extra pillows make sure that extra pressure is not applied on your tummy or hips.
4) Bent knees – While you sleep on your side, you can bend your legs and knees to find a comfortable position and to make it more relaxing, place a pillow between your legs.

Why is it so important that the patient should lie down on the sideways and it is important that the patient does not lie down on her tummy too even during early pregnancy phase? So let us know why the patient should lie down on her on her sideways as the pregnancy advances, that is, when the tummy becomes bigger and bigger the blood vessels were stressed which runs to the centre of the mother gets compressed if the patient lies down flat for a prolonged duration on her back.

So preferably, you can lie down flat for about ten to fifteen minutes in a day because if you have back pain you can lie down but ideally if you can lie down on left side or on to your right side it is advisable because the blood to the baby and to the uterus goes more freely when you lie down on your left lateral or your right side positions rather than lying down flat for too long.

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