DIALOGUE Newsletter – Advisory Board

The “DIALOGUE” newsletter was launched in 2018 and received much positive feedback from the audience. Chennai Women’s Clinic sincerely thanks the authors for having put pen to paper and drafting such high-quality contributions.

As Dr.Deepthi had said during 2018 conference and continues to believe, this initiative was made possible only by the constructive feedback of and guidance from the editorial advisory board. We once again thank them deeply for their time thus far and going forward in advising us on the nuances of stitching together various articles into a compelling reading experience.

Right from the ideation stage, the newsletter was conceived not just as a communication tool but as a platform for doctors across multiple disciplines to share their thoughts and opinions on trending topics. From the conversations we have had with doctors since the DIALOGUE conference in April 2018, we have gained deeper insights into the expectations of the audience. We look forward to engaging with contributors and the target audience to best orient the content to satisfy those expectations.



Prof.Suresh is the Managing Director of MediScan Systems. He is a pioneer in the field of Fetal Medicine and is well-known at the international level for his ultrasound

                   Dr.Samer Elbabaa

Dr.Samer K. Elbabaa is a paediatric neurosurgeon and serves as the director of the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children Neuroscience Center of Excellence, Florida, USA

                 Prof.Cynthia Alexander

Prof.Cynthia is a former Director and Superintendent (Institute of Obstetrics and Gynaecology) at the Govt.Hospital for Women and Children.


            Prof.Jaya Vijayaraghavan

Prof.Jaya is one of the senior most professors at Sri Ramachandra University and has served as the Head of the OB/GYN department.She has vast experience in the field.

                    Dr.Indrani Suresh

A paediatrician by training and fetal medicine expert by choice, Dr.Indrani is the Director of MediScan systems. She has several national and international publications to her credit.

                      Dr. Uma Ram

Dr.Uma Ram is the Director of Seethapathy Clinic and Hospital. She graduated from Madras Medical College and in her capacity as the Secretary of Association Of Tamilnadu


              Dr.Deepthi Jammi (Editor)

Dr.Deepthi completed her UG and PG education at SRMC, Chennai and her Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Fetal Medicine at MediScan Systems.

The inaugural edition of the periodical was launched in the DIALOGUE conference on April 22nd 2018. The first copies were received by Dr.Nirmala Jayashankar and Dr.Shanthi Sanjay from members of the advisory board – Dr.S.Suresh, Dr.Indrani Suresh and Dr.Jaya Vijayaraghavan.

DIALOGUE Newsletter – Advisory Board

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