Dr.Deepthi Jammi has completed her undergraduate and post-graduate education at Sri.Ramachandra Medical college and Research Institute, Chennai. During her under-graduation, post-graduation and her post-doctoral training, a common narrative is her intense focuson being abreast of the latest developments in her field of study as this is the biggest value-add to the patient.

In addition to multiple gold medals and awards in fetal medicine in international and national conferences, she has also secured many prestigious gold medals in Paediatrics, ENT,and Forensic Medicine,and was also judged the best outgoing student in a class of 155 students during her under graduation.

Dr.Deepthi Jammi is an expert at performing scans to gauge whether the development of the fetus is as per expected standards. This is accompanied by personal counselling and detailed interactions with the referring obstetricians if the parents require this. Giving the best care to every unborn child throughout its development phase and individual attention to the couple is what the centre aims to provide


Deepthi Jammi

Dr.Deepthi Jammi

MBBS., M.S. (Obstetrics & Gynaecology)

Advanced Fellowship in Obstetric Ultrasound (Mediscan)

Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Fetal Medicine (Mediscan / TN. Dr. M.G.R. Medical University)

Accomplishments and Gld Medals
Gold Medallist in Forensic Medicine 2003
Gold Medallist in Paediatrics 2005
Best Outgoing Student (INTERN) 2006
Winner of IAP (Indian Academy of Paediatrics ) Quiz 2007
National and International Conference
Award for best oral presentation at INSUOG / IIS at Delhi 2015
Award for best poster presentation at INSUOG / IIS at Delhi 2015
Gold medal for best oral presentation at USCON Mumbai 2015

Publications & Presentations

  • IJM(International Journal of Medicine), Nov 2006, Article on Ankylosing Spondylitis
  • Birth Defect Registry (Mediscan ), Jan 2008,Antenatallydiagnosed fetal bowel gangrene
  • Sri Ramachandra Journal, June & July 2008, Mucinous Cystadenoma of Appendix
  • OGSSI Conference, Nov 2008,Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis–What’s New?
  • AICOG Conference (Guhawati), Jan 2010, Comparison between Fluconazole/Clotrimazole in MonilialVaginitis
  • CUSP Conference (Chennai), September 2014 , oral presentation - Flat facial profile – familial or pathological?
  • CUSP Conference (Chennai), September 2014 , poster on CSP – The Pandora’s Box
  • INSUOG Conference (Delhi),May 2015 , oral presentation - Mesocardia – to worry or not ?
  • INSUOG Conference (Delhi),May 2015, poster on Isolated Rectosigmoid dilatation & its significance
  • USCON Conference (Mumbai) , October 2015 , oral presentation on First trimester diagnosis of ACC

Fields of Interest

  • Maternal Fetal Medicine
  • Fetal therapy
  • Obstetrics
  • High Risk Pregnancies
  • Interventional Procedures